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Open source software for streamlining, testing, and automating application configurations across environments

Painless configuration management for everyone

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  • For Developers

    • Boost productivity
    • Increase collaboration
    • Remove the bottlenecks
  • For DevOps

    • Automate the workflow
    • Create a single source of truth
    • Control access and permissions
  • For Managers

    • Ensure high reliability
    • Gain better visibility
    • Advance security and compliance

1. Development

Declare configuration as code

Create configurations with our open-source format (.cfgu.json)

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2. Management

Manage configurations from development to production

Automate everything with our advanced management capabilities such as visualization, testing, security, and tracking.

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3. Deployment

Streamline your processes with one command

We enable a wide range of integrations to CI/CD, runtime environments, PaaS, cloud service providers, creating a one-stop-shop for all the configuration needs.

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Integrate into your workflow

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    We invested massive efforts in the past year in building an internal configuration management system, to support our expansion to running applications across multiple regions and environments
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    Sagi BashariCTO at MyHeritage

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