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Single source of truth for configurations

Configu is an E2E application configuration management platform for environment variables, secrets, feature flags, and any configuration related to code.

Start gradually

Configu first into every existing workflow, without requiring rearchitecting your project. See value from the first configuration:

  • Permissions management
  • Type validation
  • Export in any format on demand
  • Test framework
  • Automations
  • Audit
Architecture diagram

Boost your configuration ops

  • Empower developers

    With a holistic set of tools to handle all aspects of configuration from the code to the app

  • Automate configuration workflow

    With our advanced management capabilities and third-party integrations

  • Prevent misconfigurations & downtime

    From reaching production using a tailored test framework and flexible permission system for configurations

A declarative standard for configuration management

Declare configurations in a powerful .cfgu files that works across variety of platforms, languages and tools

  • Any File

    • DotEnv

    • KubeConfig

    • JSON

    • YAML

  • Any PaaS

    • HeroKu

    • Vercel

    • Netlify

    • Firebase

  • Any Infrastructure

    • Github Actions

    • Circle CI

    • Jenkins

    • Argo CD

The Configu Platform

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