Single source of truth for configurations

Configu is an end-to-end application configuration management platform for environment variables, secrets, feature flags, and any configuration related to code.
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Find, Fix, and Prevent Misconfigurations

A Powerful Config Validation System

Before write or read, Configu validates that the configuration input complies with the defined schema (the cfgu file), including type, pattern (regex), required, and depend.

No More Missing Configurations

If a config is defined as “required” Configu won’t let the service compile, build or run. If a configuration is missing during a CI/CD build, Configu will prevent it from deploying.

Configuration Test Framework

As a single source of truth, Configu lets you enforce security, eliminating the need to keep passwords in text files.

An End to Config Duplications

Configu prevents config duplications in two ways:

  • Keys are defined once and applied everywhere
  • Values propagate consistently to sub-sets

Automate the Configuration Process Across Environments

Orchestrate Configs Across All Systems

Configu works with everything you use to manage configurations: secrets and feature flag managers, databases, PaaS & clouds, IaC, CI/CD and more.

Works Seamlessly with Your CI/CD

Make configurations a first-class citizen in your build pipelines. With Configu, up-to-date, validated configs can be pulled into every build.
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With Configu, the config schema is within the code, making it seamlessly work with your GitOps flows, and part of code reviews.
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With our CaC format (.cfgu), the configuration declaration is written and stored alongside the application's source code 
in a Git-like version control system.

Version History and Recovery

Configurations can be versioned alongside the code, allowing you to always match between them, roll back to previous versions, and have 
a historical record of all modifications.

Auto-Completion & Linting

When working on a CFGU file in VSCode,  the Configu plugin auto-completes with configs you have anywhere in your code and can use. 
It enables linting, preventing broken cfgus, and validating the schema structure.

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