Our Plans

For Developers

  • Boost productivity
  • Increase collaboration
  • Remove the bottlenecks

For DevOps

  • Automate the workflow
  • Create a single source of truth
  • Control access and permissions

For Managers

  • Ensure high reliability
  • Gain better visibility
  • Advance security and compliance





  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 3 sets
  • 2 weeks Logs retention
  • 1 Webhook
  • 1 Access token
  • 3rd parties Integrations
  • Open source drivers
  • Secrets Referencing
  • Community support
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Community features +

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited sets
  • Unlimited Logs retention
  • Unlimited Webhook
  • Unlimited Access token
  • SAML
  • RBAC
  • SOC2 Compliance
  • Premium Support
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How can I get started?

Get started in 3 simple steps, and take your application configuration to the next level. Completely free! Quick Start Guide

Is there a free version of Configu?

Of course! Configu is an open-source product that will always be free to use and to contribute to. Our community version is also free forever but has quantity limits, which are lifted in the enterprise plan.

Can I change my plan?

You can always change your plan or unsubscribe. For enterprise version customers, your invoice will reflect only your usage up to the plan change.

Does Configu support on-prem deployments?

Configu currently operates only in the SaaS model. However, The Configu open-source product is and always will be self-supported and can run in almost any environment.

What about security? Can Configu see my code or secrets?

No. Configu does not store or pass through any customer-sensitive information. Furthermore, those parts of the code are included in Configu open-source product, and can be reviewed here: Our special integration with the most prevalent secret managers ensures that customer-sensitive data will never be exposed as part of using Configu. Read more.

Do I need to provide credit card details to get started?

No. Configu can be used completely free. For lifting the limits and moving to the enterprise version, a credit card is required.

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